Unlimited flat rate long distance phone calling fixed price service

  • Flat rate, unlimited long distance only $49.95 per month. No long-term obligations, No switching.
    Only $49.95 per month! No contracts, no switching.Talk All Day! Talk As Much As You Want! Home Office Breakthrough!
    New flat rate long distance plan eliminates per-minute charges.Call anywhere in the Continental USA for only $49.95 per month.
  • KallCent$ Low International dial-around long distance. Unlimited calling to select areas in the State of Washington
    Fixed Price metro area long distance: $10/month for residential line and $15/month for business lines. No fees.

    No per minute charges at all. All your 1+ calls within the expanded calling area are included.
    And for those that live in the ITL expanded metro free calling area all other long distance
    calls are only 4.9 to the continental US.
    Example: Phone Calls from Bellingham to Chehalis, WA (with a few exceptions)* are flat rate priced.
    Best Rates (no fees): Australia 16, Canada 10, Denmark 17, Fr 21, Germany 16, HK 28, Italy 25,
    Japan 25, Maylasia 34, Singapore 34, UK 11, US 5.9
    Cheap Intrastate rates. Above rates are for credit card billing

  • http://www.phonecalculator.com

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