Unitel Best Long Distance Carrier United States

 http://www.phonecalculator.comUnitel long distance is pleased to offer 3.9/min USA 48 States.
Residential and business customers will benefit from superior service and 
extraordinary low long distance rates. Enjoy exceptional savings on 
intrastate and international long distance calling.

Unitel Product Details:
 - 3.9/minute long distance flat rate for US 48 States, anytime
 - No surcharge if longdistance bill is over $15.00.
 - Long distance is billed in 6 second increments with 18 sec. minimum.
 - Optional Toll Free Service available: $2.50/account (not per line) 
 - For commercial and residential users
 - Click Here for low cost intrastate (in-state) rate.
 - Click Here for a listing of discount international rates.

How to sign up? 
To switch your long distance service to Unitel, simply 
Click Here to check availability and begin the order 
process. Your information is only used *strictly* for 
the sole intention of setting up your long distance account. 
Your information will never be sold or given to any third party.

Unitel Frequently Asked Questions... 

Q. When does Unitel Send me a bill?

A. Calls are billed monthly by direct mail.

Q. Who is the underlying carrier for Unitel?

A. All customers are provisioned to Global Crossing (Frontier).

Q. How will I know if I'm switched to Unitel?

A. Just call (toll free) 1-700-555-4141 and listen for 
   "Global Crossing" (or Frontier).

Q. What do I do if I miss my verification call?

A. Just go to our order form and re-enter your order. 
   (You will not have to re-enter the entire order, just your phone, 
   email, and zip code.) Our software will detect that you are already 
   in the system, and prompt you to trigger another verification call.

Q. What are the Unitel billing options?

A. Unitel is a direct-billed service, which means 
   customers will receive a separate statement each 
   month for their service. You may also arrange to pay
   for your service automatically each month by credit
   card or direct checking withdrawal.

Q. What are the billing increments?

A. The length of your calls are measured (and billed) 
   in 6 second increments. The minimum length of each 
   long distance call is 18 seconds.

Q. What are Unitel's PICC and USF fees?

A. The FCC imposed PICC fee is $0/line Residential; 
   $3.75/line Commercial. The FCC imposed USF 
   (Universal Service Fund) of 7.7% will be charged 
   on all interstate and international calls.

Q. What does Unitel charge for local long distance?

A. There is no separate rate for local long distance 
   service (intraLATA). These calls are billed at your 
   in-state rate.

Q. What does Unitel charge for toll free calls 
   originating from a payphone?

A. If you have toll free (inbound) service, and 
   someone calls your number from a payphone, there 
   is a 35 surcharge (that goes to the owner of the 

Q. Does Unitel offer calling cards?

A. Yes. The rate is currently 14 per minute for 
   domestic calls. International rates vary. A 35 
   surcharge will apply to any calls you make from 
   a payphone.

Q. Does Unitel credit switching fees?

A. Yes. Please copy your local phone bill with the 
   switching fees on it and send it in with your 
   first Unitel payment, the amount of the switching 
   fee will be deducted from your bill.

Q. Does Unitel offer Account Codes (PACs)?

A. Yes. They offer both verified and nonverified Product 
   Account Codes (PACs). Use this form to order these.

Q. How long should provisioning take?

A. Please allow 10 business days for the switch-over 
   to take effect. Do not change your long distance with your 
   local phone company unless specifically instructed to do so.

Q. Who do we contact for provisioning problems?

A. Click here to report any problems. 


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