Toll-Free numbers, Vanity number, Programmable tollfree 800 numbers

Toll free number or "800 number" is a service where the person receiving the call pays
for it instead of the caller. This allows children in college, friends, traveling spouses,
families to call you at no charge to them. This is very cheap compared to collect calls,
expired calling cards. Currently toll free numbers start with 800, 888, 877, 866. Listed
below are the very best services for toll free numbers. Power Net Global (PNG): 4.5 per minute Stand Alone Toll Free Service
Residential and Business accounts qualify for this inbound tollfree.
No monthly fee if usage is over $15, otherwise it's $2.50/month
Direct billed with itemization or credit card billed with itemization.
Ride the Light of the Fiber Optic Nationwide Network of Qwest. Kall8 On-the-Fly Programmable Toll-Free Service (Follow me 800 service)
Route a custom 800 number to your business or residence
Change the routing at anytime using a secure web site.
Use one of our easy to remember 800/888 vanity numbers
Use one of your existing numbers by transfering it over.
Standard Kall8 numbers are only $1 to set up and $1/month
Automatic credit card payment. 6-second billing increments
Redirect your number to an overseas number for a US presence Capsule Communications 3.9 48 interstate TollFree Inbound and 1+ Outbound Service
$1.99/monthly fee waived if bill is greater than $20 or with autopay
One time set-up fee for toll-free is $2.00 per toll free number.
Straight 6 second billing increments with detailed billing invoice. Unitel 3.9 Toll-Free Inbound and 1+ DirectDial Outbound Service
$2.00/monthly fee waived if bill is greater than $15
6-second billing increments with 18-second minimum.
TollFree monthly charge is $2.50/account, not per line OPEX 4.5 Toll Free Inbound and Direct Dial Outbound Service
Direct billed for business or residential accounts
$2/monthly fee waived if residential bill is greater than $20
Save an additional 8% with the prepayment option.

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