LowConnect as low as 5.6 calling cards Low Connect prepaid card phonecard

As low as 5.6¢ per minute!
Low International rates!

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Best calling card cheap!

After the purchase, you will find calling card to be cheapest callingcard. LowConnect is the latest in a family of products provided directly by Cognigen Switching Technologies. You will enjoy the low rates and quality service offered by LowConnect Cheap Calling Card. Continental USA-48 origination only.

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PayPal now accepted!

Open a PayPal account now, and use the account for payments for discount calling cards. When you confirm your order, we will give you instructions on how to pay PayPal will put $5 into your account absolutely free when you activate your PayPal account.

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LowConnect also accepts Visa and MasterCard.

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Please note that we offer $20 denomination only.

The fine print:

Per Call Connection Charge of *49c on calling card calls within the US and Canada; $1.25 charge  per International calling cards  applies. A 29c surcharge applies to phone card calls placed from payphones (except emergency or TRS calls). All purchases of PINs are final. In the unlikely event of a defective PIN, Cognigen will in no case be responsible for any refund or exchange of phonecard more than 30 days after purchase.

Note: Calls to wireless receivers are billed at a higher rate (see rate list).

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