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1.Speakeasy Broadband Internet, Rated #1 by DSL Reports in customer satisfaction. 24/7 support
$49.95/month to $750/month. Residential, Business SDSL IDSL ADSL T1 SLA powered by Internap.
Webhosting, e-mail, firewall, VPN, Dialup 144K, 384K, 608K, 750K, 768K, 1.1M 1.5M speeds.
2.DirecTV DSL cheap High-Speed Internet Access SDSL/ADSL for personal/business high-speed access.
$49.95/month with no setup fee. $39.95/mo for the first 6 months with 1 year signup.
Hi-speed DSL for PC, Unix, Mac, Linux operating systems.
3.CogniSurf cheapest Internet Service Provider $12.45/mo US Canada 56.6K No limit access.
ISDN Available in selected areas. No ISP setup fees. 24/7 Customer/Technical support.
4.Surfbest Internet ISP $12.50/mo USA Canada 56.6K unlimited access via 4000 local numbers
Get cheap internet access from Surfbest Internet Service provider. Cheapest ISP, reliable.
Unlimited hours, full service, nationwide access for US, Canada. Supports analog modem up
to 56K. No Setup fee. 10M of personal web page included. Automatic installation available.
2 free e-mail accounts, no contracts.
5. GTC Telecom is pleased to offer Internet Access for $9.95 Unlimited 56K surfing ad free.
6.TTI 150 hours Internet Service and 250 minutes Long Distance all in one package $25/mo.
Internet is 99/hr above 150 hours, interstate long distance charged 10/minute above 250 minutes
7.T1/Dedicated long distance carriers - quotes from over 10 carriers. 1.8/min to 3.5/min interstate.
T1 Voice, T1 Data, Integrated T1, Frame to Frame Relay, Point to Point. Best service for high volume callers.
8.TTI National dedicated T1 connection 3.5 for $1000 monthly minimum. 1 year minimum term
6 second billing, 18 second minimum (30 for international).
2.9 cents/minute state-to-state if $3000 minimum.
9.Lowest Domain Rates: Get your own domain at $12.95/year .com, .org, and net.
10.Warp Seed domain registration: 11.95/year.
11.Warp Speed Hosting with Exodus - Yahoo, Lycos, Hotmail outsources to Exodus (EXDS).
12.Extreme Programming: Mirror Hosting $8.95 per month, customize websites for search engines.
13.WebBizBuilder Build a website without learning HTML.

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