Frequently Asked Questions & Contact Information

Q. Why is the customer service number not listed on your site.
A. In order to maintain the lowest long distance rate and to keep
   the best possible service, the carriers have asked us to only 
   give out the customer service numbers to actual customers and 
   not potential customers. If you have a question that is not 
   listed here, then please fill out the quick mailer form below these
   example questions and a representative will get back to you shortly.
Q. I don't want to sign up on the web, can I sign up any other way.
A. Yes, you may mail or fax your order in for the following services -
   just click on the forms listed here:
   TTI Gold (4.9/minute, $3.95/month, $25 minimum)
   TTI Package 1 (5.9/minute, ($25 minimum)
   TTI Package 2 (5.9/minute , $3.95/month)
   TTI Business Plan (4.25/minute , $25 minimum)

Q. Can I call my local phone company and switch myself.
A. These rates are only offered on the web and you should
   not self-PIC yourself unless instructed to. Otherwise,
   you will be charged a higher rate.

Q. How long does it take to switch my long distance?
A. It takes between 7 to 15 business days for credit approval
   and for your local phone company to process the order.

Q. How can I find out if my long distance has been switched?
A. Most of the time you can call toll free 1-700-555-4141
   to find out if your carrier has been switched.
   For OPEX you may call toll free 1-700-OPEX (6739).
   Please note that long distance companies may either lease
   lines or use a different marketing name than the ones
   that we have listed, so please see the frequently asked
   questions for the carrier that you have chosen.
   OPEX frequently asked questions.
   PNG frequently asked questions.
   Unitel frequently asked questions.
   TTI frequently asked questions.

Q. Will I be reimbursed for the switching fee?
A. Currently PNG, TTI reimburses the switching fee:
   TTI frequently asked questions.

Q. I need a calling card tomorrow.
A. Sorry, we cannot ship calling cards by tomorrow.

Q. Who is
A. Click here for more info.

Q. I'm moving and want to specify one of the listed carriers as my long distance.
A. The rates listed are available only on-line, so you may not specify
   the listed carriers as your long distance. If you do, you will most
   likely be charged a higher rate.

Q. Will rates go up after I sign up?
A. Rates generally go down, but currently OPEX has a
   guarantee listed on their second page of their signup form:
   "The OPEX Rate Guarantee pledges that the rates quoted to you 
   on this site will not increase for a minimum of 1 year from 
   your sign-up date and will most likely never increase."

Q. What are toll free numbers?
A. Toll free numbers (800/888/877/866) is an optional service for
   calls that are inbound to the number that you specify. Consequently,
   it's toll free for the caller to call you, but you will be charged 
   for the call. Carriers will add the FCC payphone
   charge if the call originates from a payphone. The charges for
   toll-free numbers are listed on each carrier pages, but
   most charge the same as the outbound service and some may charge
   a monthly toll free surcharge if you use the service. You may get
   a stand-alone toll free number from PNG.

Q. What is the difference between interstate, intrastat, intralata.
A. Interstate is "state-to-state", Intralata is "local-long-distance" as
   defined in your local phone book. Intrastate is outside of your intralata
   area, but within your state.

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