Overseas CallBack Long Distance International Call-Back

 If you live overseas and need to make an international call,
then callback technology will save you money. Because of deregulation
of the United Statest telecommunications industry, long distance telephone
rates in the US are the cheapest in the world. Consequently, calls
that originate in the US are cheaper than those that originate overseas.
Callback technology allows you to make a short phone call to a computer
in the US which will call you back and connect you with the phone number
that you actually wanted to call. This enables you to get the 
best international long distance phone call at a cheap rate.
1. Boomerang cheap overseas callback. International call back: Call any country from any country.
Optional followme service. Auto-Route Offers Customized Extension/Room Number Prompting .
Best foreign country callback. Credit card billed. No minimum billing

2. WorldLink global callback. Low cost access to the U.S. phone network. $5 month minimum usage.
Argentina to US 19.2, Australia to US 9, Russia to US 23, Taiwan to US 13, United Kingdom to US 8

3. Debitalk prepaid callback with follow-me re-programmable kallback. Customized room extension.

4. CogniCall global calling card 7.8 US (48 states), postpaid via credit card. Six-second billing.
International calling card for US and overseas. Originate calls from 60+ international countries - not a callback.
Post-Paid calling card: once your usage reaches $25, your credit card will be billed.
Lowest calling rate to China 17.8 Beijing 13.3 Shanghai 13.3 Spain 10.3 Madrid 7.3 Taiwan 11.9
South Africa 26.9 Nigeria 50.9 Greece 18.9

5. RoadTel international calling card: 8.9 US: 48 states, billed via secure credit card. 6-second billing.
One time $2.99 activation fee. Discounted International Call-back Rates. $1.99 monthly fee.
Credit card billing is better than prepaid phone card calling.

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