Listed below are the best AT&T long distance service plans

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1. AT&T 5˘ Nights Plan: $5.00 monthly minimum usage, 10˘ during the day.
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2. AT&T One RateŽ 7˘ Plan: $3.95 monthly fee. Also available: AT&T AnyHour International Savings Plan.
3. AT&T 5˘ eWeekends Plan: 5˘ during weekends and 7˘ during weekdays. $4.95 monthly fee.

Non-ATT discount long distance plans

4. OPEX cheapest long distance 4.5˘/min flat rate 48 states, No PICC fee on Residential lines.
100 Free interstate long distance minutes after 6 mo. $2/monthly fee waived if residential billing > $20 or if business billing > $50
No PICC on 1st commercial phone line. Save 8% by prepaying. Direct billed or autopay for business or residential accounts.
Low intrastate rates. Lowest International telephone rates: Australia 12˘, Argentina 28˘, Canada 16˘, China 25˘, Germany 10˘,
Hong Kong 10˘, Israel 16˘, Japan 12˘, Malaysia 16˘, Philippines 25˘, Romania 30˘, Singapore 13˘, Taiwan 15˘, Turkey 34˘, UK 9˘.

5. Capsule Communications: 3.9˘/minute. $1.99/mo. fee waived if bill > $20 or if autopay.
Low international phone long distance rates: Australia 13˘, Canada 8˘, China 22˘, France 9˘, Germany 9˘,
Hong Kong 9˘, South Korea 12˘, India 64˘, Japan 13˘, Mexico 22˘, Singapore 12˘, Taiwan 16˘, UK 8˘
Direct Billing.

6. PowerNet Global 4.5˘/minute 48 states long distance. $2.5 fee waived if usage > $15/month.
No PICC fee for residential lines and 1st business line. Credit card or Direct billed. Cheapest long distance
Click Here to see an example invoice for PNG's exceptionally low billing rates.

7. Unitel 3.9˘/minute 48 states long distance. Direct Billing. No fee if $15 minimum usage.
No PICC Fee for residential lines. Direct billed via U.S. mail. Low International & Intrastate rates.
If usage is less than $15, then a $2 billing fee is added; No billing if no usage.

8. iPhoneBill True Cost long distance as low as 2.9˘/minute 48 states. Billed to your credit card.
No monthly billing fees, No monthly surcharges except taxes. (If usage less $5, then $5 is billed and remainder is credited the next month).
This is a direct dial service over fiber optics - Not an internet phone. Commercial/Residential. Lowest long distance rates are based on actual costs.
Lowest rate! Click Here to see an example of iPhoneBill's invoice using actual cost based billing rates. six second billing, 1 minute minimum.
Best phone rates to France, Germany, Hong Kong HK, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philipines, Romania, Taiwan, UK.

9. Planet Earth long distance 4.3˘/minute 48 states. $2 monthly fee waived if usage > $20/month
Credit card billing. Statements on-line. Commercial/Residential. Cheap Intrastate Rates.
Cheap long distance: Australia 9˘, Canada 10.4˘, Germany 6.8˘, Italy 9.7˘, Japan 9.9˘, Mexico 25.7˘

10. Get GTC Telecom - 5 Cents a minute State to State Long Distance, NO MONTHLY FEES
11. Flat rate, unlimited long distance only $49.95 per month. No long-term obligations, No switching.
Only $49.95 per month! No contracts, no switching.Talk All Day! Talk As Much As You Want! Home Office Breakthrough!
New flat rate long distance plan eliminates per-minute charges.Call anywhere in the Continental USA for only $49.95 per month.
12. SIMPLICITY 4.9˘/minute 48 states long-distance. No monthly fee, No Minimums.
PICC fee for mult-line business accounts only. Invoice or credit card billing. Billing is 6 second increment, 18 sec mininimum.

13. TTI National 5.9˘/minute 48 states long distance. $25 minimum phone billing.
No PICC fees for Residential lines. Direct or credit card billing. Billing is 6 second increment, 18 sec min, 30 sec min for international.
Best long distance carrier for calling Alaska, Hawaii, PR (Puerto Rico), USVI (US Virgin Islands) 5.9˘/minute
Australia 13˘, Brazil 25˘, Canada 7˘, France 13˘, Ireland 13˘, Japan 13˘, HK 13˘, Mexico 15˘ to 25˘,
Pakistan 69˘, Singapore 19˘, Taiwan 15˘, United Kingdom 7˘, Venezuela 29˘, Vietnam 95˘
Uses the Worldcom network to provide best telephone rates intrastate: California 5˘, New York 8˘, Texas 9.5˘

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